PTA Meetings

The SRMS PTA holds a variety of PTA meetings through the year. Each meeting has a different focus, so we can provide a wide range of information relevant to families during the school year. At each meeting, you will have the opportunity to hear from Principal Tim Salem or Assistant Principal Lisa Frese and ask questions that are important to you.


Additionally, some meetings include important PTA business such as district budgets, PTA budgets and PTA Board elections. We hope that you will participate in all of these important discussions.


The SRMS PTA welcomes new members and new suggestions at any time. Please feel free to contact with your ideas and questions throughout the school year.


For PTA members only, click here for access to General Membership Meeting Minutes and PTA Budget.


2022-23 PTA Meetings/Events
(as of Aug 1)



August 26th- Welcome back PTA lunch 11:30 AM - 1 PM

September 6th- 1st PTA Board meeting 9 AM in teacher's cafeteria (all meetings will be same time and place) 

October 4th - PTA Board Meeting

October 14th- 6th and 7th-grade socials (6th 3-4:30 PM, 7th 5:30-7 PM in the school gym) 

October 21st- Principal's Coffee 9:30 AM teacher's cafeteria (all same time and place) 

October 28th- 8th grade Halloween Social 7-8:30 PM  

November 1st- PTA Board Meeting

November 10th- Veteran's Day Assembly 9-10 AM 

November 17th- Principal's coffee 

December 6th- PTA Board Meeting

December 22nd- Teacher holiday lunch 11:15 AM - 1:30 PM 



January 3rd- PTA Board Meeting

January 26th- Principal's coffee

February 7th- PTA Board Meeting

February 15th- Principal's coffee 

March 7th- PTA Board Meeting

March 24th- Principal's coffee

April 4th- PTA Board Meeting

April 28th- Principal's coffee 

May 2nd- PTA Board Meeting

May 5th- PTA Teacher luncheon 11:15- 1:30 PM 

May 19th- 6th and 7th-grade socials

May 25th- Final Principal's coffee 

June 6th- Final PTA Board Meeting

June 16th- 8th grade moving up party